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  1. Assalam-o-alaikum Mashallah your journey in Islam is. Beautiful example for all. Your efforts in the cause of Allah can be seen in the site. May Allah send His blessings and Mercy upon you.

  2. Assalam-o-Alaikum Mr. Mohammad Shaikh, you have done truly inspiring work! your discussions/lectures on different important topics elaborated and clarified with verses from Al-Quran leaves no doubts and establishes truth manifestly. Any analytical and intelligent mind can not deny your clarifications of verses! May Allah’s mercy and blessing on you.

  3. Assalam u alaikum Br Mohammad Shaikh, Mashallah!
    I have never seen or heard any speaker who starts his lecture with an Ayah from Quran & ends with an Ayah. Then allow the audience to ask questions pertaining to the topic of the delivered lecture.

    I was totally unaware of the truth revealed by Allah.
    May Allah reward you for spreading the truth revealed by Allah!

  4. The video clip about Bani Israel is very fresh thought which was awaited since long as we Muslims are given and forced to follow the thoughts of Mullahs. And if somebody comes up with a logical question; he is declared either Kafir or Munafiq.

  5. Kindly, tell me where it had been written in Quran that turaat not given to MUSA p.b.u.h.

  6. Assalam u alaikum Br Mohammad Shaikh, Mashallah!
    is there any way I can get english pdf about Iblees / Shaitaan – Quran kya kehta hai speaker Mohammad Shaikh IIPC (2004)
    May Allah reward you for spreading the truth revealed by Allah!

  7. Dear Mohammad Sheikh Sb. Salam,
    May I have Quran as you translate in urdu.

  8. Dear Brother,
    May i get some new lectures/debates the existing i have seen already.

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