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Identify your God
01. Gods & Allah
02. Devil / Satan
Chosen Personalities
11. The Vision of Ibraheem pbuh
12. The Book of Moses pbuh
13. Mary pbuh
14. Jesus / Christ pbuh
15. Mohammad pbuh
Book of Allah
21. The Book
22. Al-Quran / The Reading
23. Torah & Gospel
24. Hadith / Event
25. The Wisdom
26. Sunnah / Practice
27. Holy Ghost / Spirit
28. Zaboor / Psalms
29. The Languages
30. Hidayah / Guidance
Know Yourself
31. Muslim / Submitter
32. Children of Israel
33. People of The Book
34. Aulia / Protectors
35. Jews and Christians
36. Imam / Leader
37. Khalifa / Successor
38. Shia / Sect
39. Munafiq / Hypocrites
Family Life
41. Hijab / Veil
42. Marriage
43. Husband And Wife Relationship
44. Obscenity
45. Divorce
46. Parent & Children Relationship
How to Manage Money
51. Az-Zakah / The Justification
52. Ar-Riba / The Increase
53. Wasiyat / Inheritance
Direction of Belief
61. Al-Islam / To attain peace
62. Kabah / The House of Allah
63. As-Salah / The Prayer
64. The Sacred Months
65. As-Saum / The Fasting
66. Religion of Ibraheem pbuh
67. Shafa’at / Intercession
68. Siraat-al-Mustaqem / Upright straight path
69. Hajj / Pilgrimage
Govern Yourself
71. Al-Jihad / The Strive
72. Al-Harab / War
73. Al-Qatal / Physical Killing
74. Qatal-Un-Nafs / Psychological Killing
75. Terrorism
76. Consolation of Psychological Hurts
77. Qisaas / Requital
78. Mosques / Masajid

One Review

  1. 17:85 And they ask you about Ar-Rooh / The Spirit. Say “Ar-Rooh / The Spirit is from the order of my Lord. And from the knowledge you are not given except little.”

    17:86 And definitely if it was Our will We would definitely take away what We have inspired towards you. Then for you, you will not find with it any advocate over Us.

    17:87 Except the mercy from your Lord.Surely His bounty is great over you.

    42:51 It is not for a human that Allah speaks to him except by inspiration or from behind a veil or
    He sends any messenger ,then he inspires with His permission whatever He wills. Surely He is most High, Wise.

    42:52 And likewise from Our order We have inspired rooh / spirit towards you. You did not have the perception what was the book and the belief. But We have made it (i.e.rooh / spirit) a light We guide from Our servants with it (i.e.rooh / spirit) to whom We will. And surely you guide towards the straight path.

    16:101 And when We change the place of an ayah / sign with an ayah / sign. And Allah knows more with what is to be revealed, they say, surely you are a forger (fabricator / inventor). But majority of them do not know.

    16:102 Say Rooh-ul-Qudus / the Holy Spirit, is revealed with the truth from your Lord to strengthen those who believe and a guidance and good news for the muslims / submitters.

    16:103 And without doubt We know that they say , surely he is a human who teaches it (i.e.the spirit).
    Towards him they profane/dishonour the non Arabic language (translation/clarification of the Quranic Arabic spirit) and this is a clear Arabic language.

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