Kitab (2011)

Kitab (2011)

This lecture is probably by far one of the most important lectures in the context of religious books found in the world. The word Al-Kitab / The Book (mentioned in the Quran over 200 times) has been presented to describe the attributes of God’s Book, the origin, the state which it is currently found in and in which it has always remained, the recipients of God’s Book through time in this unchanged format, and also refuting the authenticity of all other man written books claiming to be from God.


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  1. you need a little bit of improvement in your knowledge about al kitaab and this will help you to give better explanation.

  2. your debate with mufti abdul baqi was nice but there also your argument/question were genuine but you were unable to give correct explanation because you also like mufti abdul baqi don’t know about your own questions.. only those know who are given ilm ul kitaab by grace of Allah swt..

  3. I have a question about الكتاب
    If the book is one
    And never been changed. And ALLAH didn’t send
    Plus books. So how to believe in plus books according to surah baqra 2:285

  4. I saw your discussions, You are correct in your approach, You r understanding Quran by Quran only, that is correct way, what is the difference between you and Ahle Quran

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