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Identify your God
01. Gods & Allah Eng Urdu
02. Devil / Satan Eng Urdu
Chosen Personalities
11. The Vision of Ibraheem (p.b.u.h) Eng Urdu
12. The Book of Moses (p.b.u.h) Eng Urdu
13. Mary (p.b.u.h) Eng Urdu
14. Jesus / Christ (p.b.u.h) Eng Urdu
15. Mohammad (p.b.u.h) Eng Urdu
Book of Allah
21. The Book Eng Urdu
22. Al-Quran / The Reading Eng Urdu
23. Torah & Gospel Eng Urdu
24. Hadith Eng Urdu
25. Wisdom Eng Urdu
26. Sunnah / Practice Eng Urdu
27. Holy Ghost / Spirit Eng Urdu
28. Zaboor / Psalms Eng Urdu
29. Languages Eng Urdu
30. Hidayah / Guidance Eng Urdu
Know yourself
31. Muslim / Submitter Eng Urdu
32. Children of Israel Eng Urdu
33. People of the Book Eng Urdu
34. Aulia / Protectors Eng Urdu
35. Jews & Christians Eng Urdu
Marital Life
41. Hijab / Veil Eng Urdu
42. Marriage Eng Urdu
43. Obscenity Eng Urdu
44. Husb.& wife relationship Eng Urdu
45. Divorce Eng Urdu
46. Parent & Children relationship Eng Urdu
How to manage money?
51. Zakah / Justification Eng Urdu
52. Riba / The Increase Eng Urdu
Direction of belief
61. Islam / To Attain Peace Eng Urdu
62. Kabah / House of Allah NEW Eng Urdu
62. Kabah / House of Allah Eng Urdu
63. Salah / Prayer Eng Urdu
64. The Sacred Months Eng Urdu
65. Saum / Fasting Eng Urdu
66. Religion of Ibraheem Eng Urdu
03. Shafa'at / Intercession Eng Urdu
Govern yourself
71. Jihad / Strive Eng Urdu
72. Harab / War Eng Urdu
73. Qatal / Killing (Part-I) Eng Urdu
74. Qatal / Killing (Part-II) Eng Urdu
75. Terrorism Eng Urdu

About IIPCtv

IIPC TV is a free-to-air, English and Urdu languages, Islamic internet television channel that will broadcast Islamic programs based on the authentic teachings of Al-Qur'an to worldwide audiences, particularly to expatriate Muslim communities, people of other faiths and general public in non Muslim lands. The channel started from October 2006 and since then has broadcasted live recorded contents through the Internet on 24 hour basis through its online portal to global audiences

About us

International Islamic Propagation Center (IIPC) was established in 1985 by Brother Mohammad Shaikh. The study and propagation of Al-Qur’an throughout the world, without sectarian, political, historical or any other bias and affiliation is the foundation of the establishment of the center. The Study is done with the sole trust on Allah, the author of the book “Al-Qur’an” and the belief that only He can guide to the straight path. IIPC invites all seekers of truth to view the lectures on what Al-Quran says about various topics, which are available on DVDs & Audio CDs along with their reference booklets. The multimedia educational material is available upon request directly from IIPC in Karachi, Pakistan or through its website

These lectures are designed to inspire, teach and move people closer to the message of Allah and His Rasool (messenger) Mohammad (pbuh). We invite you to join hands with us and become Ansarullah (helpers of Allah) by sharing these lectures with others and through Sadqa (Charity) and Zakat (justification) so that we can deliver the message throughout the world.

Due to changing demographics and shifting opinions about Islam and the overt misinformation and misrepresentation in mainstream media about the faith, there is an urgent need for Islamic awareness through Muslim media development with global outreach. Keeping the objectives into consideration, Brother Mohammad Shaikh successfully launched for the time in Pakistan, two Islamic Internet TV Channels in English and Urdu language “IIPC.TV”. IIPC TV is a free-to-air satellite television channel that broadcasts Islamic programs based on the authentic teachings of Al-Qur’an to worldwide audiences, particularly to expatriate Muslim communities, people of other faiths and general public in non-Muslim lands. The channel started test transmission in October 2006 and since then has broadcasted live and recorded content through the Internet to global audiences on a 24/7 basis through its online portal

Brother Mohammad Shaikh is the owner and founder of the channels and is a leading researcher and expounder of Islam and comparative religion and a student of the late Shaikh Ahmed Deedat, renowned South African scholar of comparative religion. Brother Shaikh has many years of experience in the media field as lecturer, he directs and overseas production of his own video content and under his supervision the channel features educational and informational programs, lectures, documentaries, as well as entertainment all in line with Islamic ethics, reflecting the diversity of thought within the Muslim world. Speakers in the channel include leading lights like: Shaikh Ahmed Deedat, Mohammad Shaikh, Gary Miller and many more.

Apart from broadcasting pre-recorded content obtained from prominent scholars, IIPC TV also develops its own content through its state of the art recording equipment and studio facilities.

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