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About Muhammad Shaikh!

Muhammad Shaikh in Ghar-e-Hira Muhammad Shaikh from Karachi, Pakistan was a student of Renowned Muslim scholar Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (Late)-President of IPCI from Durban, South Africa. He is a remarkable Muslim scholar with charismatic personality, unique in presenting the relevant Ayats / Signs on a particular topic from Al-Qur’an in order to clarify the Spirit / Essence in English and Urdu.

Muhammad Shaikh was the ONLY PREACHER from all over the world to secure Runners-Up position (after TOP 50) in the book “The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2010” by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Aman Jordan. This followed his earlier acclaim on account of his life-long dedication to Islam where he was voted as the 4th Most Influential Muslim in the World in an online poll conducted by Reuters – Faithworld in 2009.

Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department
Government of Dubai

Certificate of Appreciation

The Department of Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities in Dubai extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Muhammad Shaikh Ghulam Nizamuddin
Executing a course “What Quran says about Book of Allah”
Organised by the Department of Scholars Affairs at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Islamic Culture.

We Wish Him Good Luck.

Director of The Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Islamic Culture
Government of Dubai

Dated: 2 / Rajab / 1441
26 / February / 2020

List of English Lectures and Discussions

List of Urdu Lectures and Discussions

About Muhammad Shaikh

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Identify your God

Apne Khuda ko pehchano

Gods & Allah

Gods & Allah old

Devil / Satan

Devil / Satan old

Allah Aur Aalihah

Allah Aur Aalihah old

Shaitaan / Ibless

Chosen Personalities

Chuni Hui Shaksiyaat

The Vision of Abraham pbuh

The Vision of Abraham pbuh Old

The Book of Moses pbuh

The Book of Moses pbuh Old

Mary pbuh

Jesus / Christ pbuh 2011

Jesus / Christ pbuh 2004

Jesus / Christ pbuh 1993

Mohammad pbuh

Mohammad pbuh old

Ibrahim ka Khawab (2004)

Ibraheem (P.B.U.H.) Ka Khuwab

Moosa Ki Kitab (P.B.U.H.)

Maryam (P.B.U.H.)

Al-Masih Essa (P.B.U.H.)

Mohammad pbuh

Allah Bashar se kaisay kalam karta hai?

Book of Allah

Allah ki Kitaab

The Book

Al-Quran / The Reading

Torah & Gospel

Hadith / Event

The Wisdom

Sunnah / Practice

Holy Ghost / Spirit

Zaboor / Psalms

The Languages

Hidayah / Guidance


Padhai (1991)


Torat Aur Injeel old

Torat Aur Injeel

Zaboor, Suhuf Aur Alwah







Zikr / Yaad Dehani

Know Yourself

Apni Pehchan

Muslim / Submitter

Children of Israel

Children of Israel old

People of The Book

People of The Book old

Aulia / Protectors

Jews and Christians

Imam / Leader

Khalifa / Successor

Shia / Sect

Munafiq / Hypocrites

Islam and Muslim – (1991)



Bani Israeel old

Bani Israeel

Aulia / Surparast old

Aulia / Surparast

Khalifa / Successor


Yahood Aur Nasara

Family Life

Azdawaji Zindagi

Hijab / Veil


Husband And Wife Relationship



Parent & Children Relationship

Hijab old



Mian Aur Biwi Ke Taluqat old

Mian Aur Biwi Ke Taluqat

Zina Aur Fahishah


Waldain Aur Aulad Ke Taluqat

How to Manage Money

Maal ka Istemal

Az-Zakah / The Justification

Ar-Riba / The Increase

Ar-Riba / The Increase old

Wasiyat / Inheritance

Sadaqa Aur Zakat


Direction of Belief

Iman ki Simt

Al-Islam / To attain peace

Al-Islam / To attain peace old

Kabah / The House of Allah

Kabah / The House of Allah old

As-Salah / The Prayer

The Sacred Months

As-Saum / The Fasting

Religion of Ibraheem pbuh

Shafa’at / Intercession

Siraat-al-Mustaqem / Upright straight path

Hajj / Pilgrimage


Ibraheem ka Mazhab


Shafa’at / Sifarish

Kabah aur Qiblah

Masajid (2013)

Salah / Namaz old

Salah / Namaz

Mohtram Mahinay

Saum / Roza

Umrah aur Hajj

Ummul Qura

Toor e Seena

Govern Yourself

Ahkam wali ayat se apny auper hakomat

Al-Jihad / The Strive

Al-Harab / War

Al-Qatal / Physical Killing

Qatal-Un-Nafs / Psychological Killing


Consolation of Psychological Hurts

Qisaas / Requital



Harab / Jang


Nafsiyati Qatal


Nafsiyati Zakhmon ki Tasalli