What Quran Says About War

What Quran Says About War

This lecture should be watched in conjunction with four other lectures (Jihad / Striving, Qatal / Killing and Rehbaniya / Terrorism and also Riba / Increase) as it brings to light the Harab / War mentioned in the Quran and describes in detail who wages wars in the world, how God extinguishes the fire of war and also with whom Allah and His messenger wage war. Additionally it also answers the question as to whether we as Muslims are to partake in Harab / Wars occurring in the world in all times.


The War

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  1. sheikh sahib Aslamo Alaikum ma aur mere aik bazurg dost aap kay lecture se itna mustafeed huay hn k 2017 k end ma hum musliman huay hn sirf aap ka lecture sun nay k baad pehlay hum muslamano k ghar zurur paida huay hn lakin lable muslims lakin aaj hum aap ki sahi sahi baat jo aap nay hamari taraf pohanchai eman la chukay hn ma aap ka shukar guzar hn k aap nay hamain ALLAH aur RASOOL se wasil kia ALLAH ki reham nawazi se… agar mere alfaz ma koi ghalti ho gai ho to plz guid me aur last baat aap ka tarujma kia hua quran agar mil jai yaa aap ki koi bhi lecture ki book to plz bata dijye ga hum intizaar ma hn

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