What Quran Says About Divorce

What Quran Says About Divorce

Islam is the only religion which allows divorce, infact there is a whole chapter in the Quran named “Divorce”, the current practices of divorce generally is far from the correct method ordained by God in the Quran. This lecture looks into the prerequisites of divorce mentioned in the Quran for both a man when he is giving a divorce, and a woman when she is taking a divorce, as both men and women have been given this option by God in the Quran. This lecture should be watched in conjunction with the lectures What Al-Quran says about Nikah / Marriage and also What Al-Quran says about Husband and Wife Relationship.



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  1. Assalam alikom

    Dear sir
    How would you describe 3 talaaq in one sit. For example if I say 3 talaaq in one sit talaaq talaaq talas is it just talaaq happend. Or there is any other procedure for talaaq, I am very confuse about this 4 imams, followed different rule and regulations despite we have one god allah one Quran. My question is to all the Islamic scholars of the world if talaaq is soo easy soo why nikaah has soo many formalities.
    For instance if I say talaaq talaaq talaaq and if it happend so why not if I see a women and say qabool hai qabool hai qabool hai.so why not nikaah just happend please expalin this confusion please with detail.

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