Association with Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

In the year 1988 Mohammad Shaikh maintained a brief association with the late Ahmed Deedat, South African scholar of comparative religion and founder of Islamic Propagation Center International (IPCI). Initially Mohammad Shaikh was the main distributor of Deedat’s videos in Pakistan and was much inspired by his lectures on comparative religion. During Deedat’s tour of Pakistan, he used to muster support for his talks and also organized his lectures in Karachi. In 1988 Mohammad Shaikh was selected by Deedat to undergo training on Daw’ah and comparative religion at the IPCI in Durban, South Africa where he was joined by Daee’s from around the globe.

It can be observed that although a brief student-teacher relationship was maintained, Mohammad Shaikh does not follow Ahmed Deedat in entirety. He has adopted Ahmed Deedat’s approach on Biblical criticism and Muslim-Christian dialogue, but a comparative analysis of the lectures of these two speakers demonstrates that they have different positions on a variety of issues. E.g. while Ahmed Deedat considers some parts of the Judeo-Christian Scripture to be divine, Mohammad Shaikh maintains that it is entirely a man-made work. Similarly Ahmed Deedat’s lectures were more about analyzing Christianity and its sources from a Muslim standpoint, while Mohammed Shaikh’s presentation is more about Qur’anic exegesis, and how it differs from the Bible. While this disparity is evident, Mohammad Shaikh holds the highest reverence for his former teacher, and continues to broadcast his debates and lectures through IIPC TV.

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  1. The journey towards the truth is most difficult since it entails the rejection of beliefs one has been holding for decades or say almost his whole life. Add to it the fact that most of these beliefs have been inculcated in infancy with fear of Almighty Allah. To cut the long story short, rejecting all their beliefs does not help and so those which apparently seem harmless or are somewhere near to truth should be accepted as ok to give them confidence which might open their mind and they are able to think or listen. Put it in an another way, Dawah should not sound like a police interrogation where the aim is to get certain things accepted. The aim or target of Dawah should be opening of minds as, according to the verse 99 of chapter 10, Surah Younus, until the God allows, no individual can bring faith…

  2. محمد شیخ صاحب کا میں نے مولانا عبدالباقی صاحب کے ساتھ مناظرہ/ مکالمہ دیکھا۔۔۔۔ اور قرانی آیات کی روشنی میں اس مکالمے سے میں بہت زیادہ متاثر ہوا۔۔۔اور بھی بہت سارے لوگوں نے اس ویڈیو کو دیکھا۔۔۔۔قران کریم ایک مکلمل ظابظہ حیات ہے اور قران کوسمجھنے کے لئے خارج سے کوئی ایسی چیز نہیں کہ جس کو فیصل مان کر ہم قران کوسمجھ سکتے سوائے قران کے۔۔۔۔۔ خدا وند کریم ان کی زندگی دراز کریں۔۔

  3. Muhammad Sheikh quotes the Quran quite often, to explain his point of view. I wonder if he ever quotes the Hadith alongside with quoting the Quran.

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