Mission of Dawah

dawahAs a Da’ee, Mohammad Shaikh strives to give preference and promotion to the Qur’an as the center point for Islamic beliefs and the principle text for governing everyday life of a Muslim. His availability for Dawah is all year round, even though he has come under physical attack in the past and faces opposition from the extremists of strife-ridden Pakistan and anti-Islam forces. He has often commented to colleagues at the center that he started his mission solely for Allah and will keep it going solely for His sake as worldly hazards are no match for the divine displeasure that will result when one fails to do his duty.

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  1. Salaam respected mohammed shiek.

    I watch your lectures on you tube. As student of religion i have questions as other to clear misunderstanding of prevailing traditional religion. There need to touch in with you via email. Kindly send you email or other contact details so i can contact you.

  2. I have viewed some of your lectures. In one of those lectures you have narrated that the same book i.e Al-Furqan or Quran was given to Ibrahim peace be upon him.I am at loss to understand this assertion for two reasons. i) The Quran we have with us today contain many events which happened in the time period of Mohammad peace be upon him and thus could never have been included in the book given to Ibrahim in earlier period ii) we don’t have evidence of any form of Quran given to Ibrahim if it was given where has it gone, it appears you are working on conjectures. If you would have made claim that certain duas like Dua-Ibrahim are from the book given to Ibrahim peace be upon him are included in Quran is understanble.

    Kindly help me understand.

  3. assalamu alykum shaikh saab

    mene apke itne lacture dekhe par apki bate meri samjh me nahi aati aap bataye short me aakhir apka mission kya hai , or ap kya sabit karnc chah rahe he , dont take my point in wrong way i like most of point that u said but cant undastand .. what u want to proove sir.. mera matlab jaise pani ko aab (urdu) bol do Neer( hindi) bol do he to pani hi na jii….. ap samajh rahe me kya kehana chah raha hu………

  4. I think better for Muslims if shaikh sb write book and explain quran according to the understanding given by Allah to him in a simple way so that we Muslims start practicing Islam quran way in the sunnah of Shaikh sb inshallsh Allah be with you

  5. I learned Ouran …Arabic to English by Abdullah yousaf Ali during my stay at America n 1994..Though recited Quran many time in early young age.This Quran ,changed my all stickness of a traditional Muslim ..I can t read Quran in Arabic ,because, Arabic is not Mother language…But, it was due to the simple translation n logical interpretation of Quran by..Late Abdullah yousaf ali (may Allah keep his soul ,in eternal peace,Ameen) .It took long journey of learning ,n I’m still standing on 28th Separa.Reading your lecture on Quran…I feel the same assence as of Abdullah Yousaf Ali , n enjoy it.( Im a great admirior of A,Yousaf ali )..I Pray for your good health ,with Iman ,for ….the noble services you are rendering the ..real teaching of Quran .All my good wishes to you..Sir Mohmmad Shaikh !! MUMTAZ Nasir Khan..Park road Islamabad.

  6. Kindly share your contact number, i want to meet u. thank u

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