Mohammad pbuh 2004

Mohammad pbuh 2004

A lecture describing the role of Mohammad (pbuh), the seal of the prophets who is mentioned in the Quran in present continuous tense. An extremely important lecture for Muslims and new converts wanting to know how they can follow Mohammad (pbuh) the messenger of Allah. It shows what he was ordered to do, where his example can be found and where his sayings are preserved.

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  1. AssalamuAliakum
    From where I could get a comprehensive ie all the parts of speech ( Mohammad pbuh as described in Quran.All lecture in one series in one pack
    Allah bless you Thanks

    1. Salam
      Seems like you haven’t seen all the parts of this lecture, here are 5 parts of Mohammad’s PBUH.

      If you play the first part the next 4 will automatically be lined up.


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