A lecture that should be watched with the lectures on Al-Kitab /The Book and At-Taurah / The Law & Al-Injeel the Good News, as it unveils the true identity of the People of The Book which has been erroneously promoted in our society as those people who call themselves Jews and Christians. A must watch for all Muslims but especially those Muslims living in religiously diversified communities around the globe.


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  1. Agr sb naboin ko aik hi kitab d to Muhammad swa p Quran ku utara? Wo bhi usi kitab c bataty jo phaly c chali aa rahi hai. Or agr 18 nabion p same kitab utri to us waqat Muhammad swa k time jo waqeat hoy wi kaisy bayan hoy.? Jb k aik jaga likha hai k ya kitab guzishta kitabon ki tasdeeq kartu hai.

  2. Lecture al kitab
    Explain ayat 285 of Sarah baqra
    R Muhammad SAW par same book q nazil hour.
    Nabiyoon par kitab ka nazol ka process Kya ta from NOOH a.s to Muhammad SAW

  3. Hazor app ki koi books mil skti hn means acording to quran playstore say ya koi or wasy hay to

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