Aulia 2011

Aulia 2011

Generally in the world people seeking to get close to God seek the help and guidance of other individual, a Protector? (or an Aulia) who they see as someone having achieved the closeness that they are seeking. This is true in almost all religions, however in Islam the concept of Aulia / Protector? is fully described in this lecture, as to who the ultimate protector is, and how in the circle of believers Muslims become each others protectors.


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  1. Thanks for your quick responces

  2. Dear Shaikh sb
    Salam, hope all is well with you!!!
    heard a few lectures of yours, can you pls explain your opinion about Muhammad bin Abduallah (as per your lecture in history), do you believe he is not Rasool & Nabi. Quran was not wahi on him?
    would appreciate your reply

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