Maryam (pbuh)

Maryam (pbuh)

Mary / Maryam (pbuh), from whom Jesus / Essa (pbuh) was born, is subject to the greatest false charge which mankind has been placing on God by associating her as Gods pair with whom God supposedly begets Essa / Jesus (pbuh), and consequently Essa / Jesus (pbuh) is falsely promoted as son of God by the Christians. This misconception is not only completely and angrily rejected by God in the Quran as the greatest false charge, but God also explains how Essa / Jesus (pbuh) was born ONLY from Mary / Maryam (pbuh).


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  1. Assalamualikum ,
    Nice lecture . I was wondering if the rizq mentioned in the ayaah when zakarriya visits mariam in her mehrab is also related to this . Many say it is the fruits but is it something else ?

  2. The Myriam was the name of a goddess. It a metaphor. There are so many Mariam in the gospel. I know it’s hard for Muslim to digest this facts.

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