Interview of Mohammad Shaikh by Rehan Allahwala 2011

Interview of Mohammad Shaikh by Rehan Allahwala 2011

In one of the rare interview of Mohammad Shaikh by Rehan Allahwala he shares his upbringing and background as a common man and his journey towards Quran and Islam. A very revealing and personal interview that shows a side that is rarely (if ever) shared by other scholars and speakers in the world, and is enlightening to the rest of us because of his forthrightness and humility. It is important for people to see this interview for many reasons, but mainly because it crushes many false rumors about Mohammad Shaikh and his background that may have been keeping some people back from watching his lectures and consequently the message of Allah. It also shatters the perception that people have about religious preachers/scholars and how they have to be in order to be accepted in that role. His narration about his turning point in life (a life threatening incident) is especially revealing. People will also find it easy to relate to Mohammad Shaikh and what he shares in this interview about how he moved towards Islam and Quran from a non-religious background (which is where majority of us come from).


Muhammad Shaikh Interview by Rehan Allah Wala

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  1. Dear Shaikh Sahab


    I’ve seen pictures on your site entitled “talking to Ahmedi Muslims”

    what does this mean? Are you saying that Ahmedis are Muslims?They are a Muslim sect like deobandi,wahabi or barelvi??
    why are you using the word Muslims for them??
    Ahmedis do not believe in the Fnality of Prophethood of the Prophet(SAW).They are not Muslims at all.
    the Muslim Ummah has unanimously declared them as non muslims!!!.Ahmedis cannot use the word “Muslim” for themselves or the word “Islam” for their religion.They cannot also use the various terms used in Islam for the various ibaadas for their various forms of worship.
    There are no 2 opinions on this issue.

    Pls reply

  2. When did Muslim Umah declared
    Ahmedi’s non Muslim? If by Muslim Umah you mean parliament of Pakistan than its just a house of Representatives of one country? I am also interested in knowing what world thinks about Ahmedi’s as far as I have searched so far the world knows them as Muslims. A final debate on the topic is pending so is on kashmir and Palestine too but that can only happen when you find and unite Muslim Umah at one page and that of Quran.?

  3. Ahmedis are non muslims because they don’t follow Quran Sunnah or Hadith and Ijmaa. One who commits the sin of thinking or treating them as muslims is either ignorant or ahmedi himself…there is no any muslim scholar who ever called them muslim. Whether he is Sunni or Shia..

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