Muhammad Shaikh Casually Speaking with Americans in Houston, USA

Muhammad Shaikh Casually Speaking with Americans in Houston, USA

In 2013 Muhammad Shaikh visited America & Canada, and while he was in Houston TX he was invited as a guest by American the founder of (which is a site for online translations and general research of Quran) to his home for a general discussion. Among the participant guests were American converts to Islam who had viewed some of Muhammad Shaikh’s lectures previously but had never met him personally. There were many topics discussed based on the lectures delivered by Muhammad Shaikh and publicly available online. Some of the topics included Jesus, and his miraculous birth mentioned AND explained in the Quran, language of revelation, husband and wife relations and many others. Viewers are advised to view the full lectures on these topics before or after seeing this discussion so they are able to fully grasp the understanding of the topics mentioned.


  • How Br. Shaikh get inspired by Quran?
  • Peoples given introduction of themselves.
  • Question ask by American to Muhammad Shaikh, How you get inspired by Quran?
  • Muhammad Shaikh introducing himself and discussing about modelling and his merchant navy career.
  • Muhammad Shaikh discussing about the incident of Video Shop.
  • He ask God give me life I will dedicate my life to you.
  • He quits his modelling and merchant navy career in middle and make a commitment with himself that He will start reading the Quran with its true essence by own with the help of Allah. He will only follow what The Book teaches him no one else.
  • Ayat discussed: Al-Baqara 2:40
  • Br. Shaikh Discussing about Ahmed Deedat. Ahmed Deedat had a massive knowledge of bible comparing Quran. At the time of Global student course in South Africa Durban, He had a discussion with Ahmed Deedat on many topics of Quran like The death of Jesus (PBUH).
  • On what basis you are saying that Jesus (PBUH) died and He will not coming back? What is the last sermon of Jesus (PBUH)?
  • Ayat discussed: As-Saff 61:6 , Maryam 19:33
  • Jews, Christians and so called Muslims are also believes that Jesus (PBUH) is alive and waiting for his coming.
  • Man says that muslims are also waiting for the coming of Imam Mehdi
  • Br. Shaikh Discussing the origin from where the concept drive about coming of Imam Mehdi and Jesus
  • There is a prophecy written in old testament that a Maseeh will come because they do not belief Jesus (PBUH).
  • Biblical Chapter: John 1:19-25
  • Jews believe that Elijah is the prophet who went to sky who will come from 1st sky and identify Jesus (PBUH).
  • When Jesus (PBUH) came that days Jews ask that If you are Jesus then where is Elijah as per the prophecy.
  • So as per written in the bible John the Baptist who baptise Jesus (PBUH) is Elijah.
  • So when Jews went to John The Baptist and ask are you Elijah. He refused. So they ask Jesus (PBUH) are you Christ Jesus.
  • He refused too. This is a contradiction in bible. Jews are still waiting that Elijah will come from the sky and identify Jesus then Jesus will come. To make this prophecy alive Jews make propaganda to someone.
  • Biblical Chapter: Mark 16:19, John 3:13
  • How you kill a person who have power over death as Jesus is the only prophet who has power over death.
  • Ayat discussed: Aal-e-Imran 3:49
  • They were planning to kill Jesus (PBUH) but Allah exposed their planning as Allah is the best planner. So nobody can kill Jesus (PBUH) but Jesus (PBUH) prophesize that He will die in peace.
  • Ayat discussed: Aal-e-Imran 3:54
  • How God completes the soul/self/psyche of Jesus (PBUH)? How Allah raised Jesus (PBUH)?
  • Ayat discussed: Aal-e-Imran 3:55, Al Baqara 2:253, Al-Ankabut 29:57, An-Nisa 4:157, Al-Maida 5:117, An-Nisa 4:171, Aal-e-Imran 3:45, Maryam 19:21, Biblical Chapter John 1:1 Man ask question How Jesus (PBUH) was born when no man touched Maryam (PBUH)? Who was Maryam (PBUH)? Ayat discussed: Ash Shura 42:49-50, Aal-e-Imran 3:35, Aal-e-Imran 3:36.
  • In Quran offspring of Abraham (PBUH), Adam, all the male gender and offspiring of Maryam (PBUH) is also mention.
  • If Maryam (PBUH) is only a woman, how a woman has a offspring? The genealogy run from the father.
  • The full name Christ Jesus son of Maryam is also mentioned in the Quran.
  • Ayat Discussed: Al-Ahzab 33:5
  • Who are Hermaphrodite?
  • Ayat Discussed: Al-Anbiya 21:91, Maryam 19:32, Maryam 19:14, At-Tahreem 66:12, Al-Isra: 17:85, Aal-e-Imran 3:59, Az-Zariyat 51:29, Al-Isra 19:5, Ibraheem 14:39, Az-Saffat 37:101, Hood 11:71, Maryam 19:17-18
  • What is the importance of Arabic language in Quran?
  • Man ask a question that arabic is not our mother tongue so how can we understand if a preacher tell us in arabic. Is it a particular reason to recite a DUA in arabic rather than in our mother tongue?
  • Muhammad Shaikh answer we can never minus the Arabic Language because the revelation is in arabic.
  • Arabic is authentic and you can see the proof but translation may contain errors. Arabic is the judge the criteria.
  • Ayat Discussed: Ash Shuara 26:192-195, Ibraheem 14:4, Fusilat 41:44
  • When the essense of an Ayat is transferred in any language it is arabic and if the essense is not there then it is wrong translation.
  • Ayat Discussed: Aal-e-Imran 3:42
  • If we can learn our language with some other languages as well then why we cannot learn Quranic Arabic it is our fault. We says we are Muslims, the most illiterate person knows the Arabic language then why we are not learning Quranic Arabic.
  • If you know the true essence of Quranic Arabic language not a single scholar can deny you.
  • Ayat Discussed: Ash Shura 42:52, An Nahl 16:101, An-Nisa 4:34
  • What to do when a woman is emotionally disturbed?
  • What is the phase when woman is emotionally disturbed? Should we strike them?
  • Ayat Discussed: Al-Baqara 2:222
  • Allah says that when a women is in mensuration cycle stay away from them because their psyche is disturbed on that time and she will argue with you and if you tried to give explanation she will never listened to you.
  • Ayat Discussed: Al-Baqara 2:26, An-Nisa 4:34
  • Sermon them, seperate them in their beds, strike them
  • Ayat Discussed: Al-Baqara 2:226, At Talaaq 65:1,
  • Who are the believer man and woman?
  • Ayat Discussed: An-Nisa 4:59, Al-Ankaboot 29:8, Luqman 31:15, An-Nisa 4:34, At-Taubah 9:71
  • Does believing men and woman are protectors or leaders of each other? A woman can be a queen to you but she can’t be leader of you.
  • Ayat Discussed: At-Taubah 9:71, Al-Anbiya 21:73, An-Nisa 4:34, Yousuf 12:23-24, Al-Mumtahinna 60:12, An-Nisa 4:34,128.
  • Women are more compassionate, emotional and jealous. The Emotions are the most dominating factor of women which make them jealous.
  • Quran never teaches to kill. Killing is the teaching of Bible. Stoning to death is also mention in Bible. 5. Biblical Chapter: Leviticus 20:10
  • The converted jews brought their jewsish concept to islam for example Abraham has two wives, covering of head.
  • Biblical Chapter: Genesis, 1 Corinthians 11:10, Deuternomy 21:18-21
  • What are the covenants of Allah? Who divided the nations and tribes?
  • Ayat Discussed: Al-Maida 5:43, Al-Hujraat 49:13, Al-Baqara 2:186
  • How God communicate with mankind?
  • Ayat Discussed: Al-Baqara 2:186, Aal-e-Imran 3:143, Aal-e-Imran 3:139-140, An-Nisa 4:1, Al-Baqara 2:155, Al-Baqara 2:286,
  • Creator of all worlds is saying do not lose hope, do not loose heart if the wound has touched you the same wound is touched by others.
  • Psychological hurts remains for some time it cannot be healed by itself. It will be only healed by God.
  • Ayat Discussed: Al-Raad 13:28

Casually Speaking with Americans

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