Open Challenge

Public Announcement.
Open Challenge of Muhammad Shaikh
to Non Muslims and Labeled Muslims.

Debate Format:
1.The challenger must have a scholarly standing
and should have his work available on video for public on mainstream media or social media.
2. Topics should always be related to “What Quran says About” delivered by Muhammad Shaikh.
3. The session will be 30 – 60 minutes for each speaker to speak on the topic.
4. After the session live audience will ask same questions to both the speakers,
speakers will be given 10 minutes to answer each question.
5. The debates will be recorded and both parties will own the recording.
6. The debate will be held through video conferencing (
7. The debates will be monitored by a neutral moderator or one from each speaker.
8. The request of the debate should be in writing from an official platform.

Healthy debates are an essential part of learning process,
the viewers get to ponder over concepts from different angels.
However, such debates should always be administered keeping in view
the etiquettes of discussion.
That is why we have provided the above format, so the audience are benefited.

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