Al-Quran / The Reading

Al-Quran – The Reading

For any one starting to read the Quran or interested in learning more about Quran, this lecture provides the perfect platform for them. Another rarely translated word Al-Quran literally means “The Reading”. It answers through the verses of the Quran frequently asked questions and concerns people have, such as the purpose and function of Quran, and how this book should be approached and understood.


Frequently asked questions


Why is not Quran taught in any university / college / school anywhere in the world?


We can never understand the Quran unless the scholars explain it from Hadith, Sunnah & bible!


If God is the Author of Quran then why will He not accumulate or preserve it since inception?


Why people of Hadith & mankind can never read & understand the Quran for guidance?


O’ People Ponder – What is the proof that The Quran is the only Book of Allah?


Has Allah revealed The Quran in Arabic to address the Arabs

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