Chairman’s Biography

The year was 1952, five years after the independence of Pakistan. The birth of Muhammad Shaikh took place. He was born to an average family. Received early religious education and guidance from his father and was raised a culturally practicing Muslim.

In his prime Muhammad Shaikh joined Merchant Navy and traveled major portioned of the world. On his journey’s during his service in Merchant Navy he met with several Christian missionaries who asked if you have read The Quran and when he answered yes they asked him to tell them something from the book so that he can prove that The Quran is not a plagiarism from the Bible. Since he was not able to respond from the Quran because he had not read it with translation he realized that he has been reading The Quran in Arabic language only, like most of the non Arabic speaking Muslims all over the world are doing the same. From that point onwards began to read The Quran with translation.

Eventually in 15th December, 1986 a life-threatening incident took place, which shook Muhammad Shaikh. This led him to making a covenant with Allah (God) that if his life is spared, he will dedicate it to the cause of Allah (God).
Since then he stands true to his covenant with Allah by promoting/propagating the Ayats/verses of the book of Allah in form of various topics from The Quran. He understood the unique intellectual approach in compiling relevant Ayats/verses of a particular topic from different Surah(s), Chapters of Al-Quran. He ponders and by the assistance of Allah/God is able to clarify the essence of the particular subject through his lectures in English and Urdu in a form of a relevant booklet.

Once his journey began he noticed his surroundings started to change. People he knew were now opposing him his friends, colleges and even his family members were in disagreement with his preaching and understanding. However, Muhammad Shaikh was determined to follow the path Allah had chosen for him and as this journey requires sacrifices which began. He continued to keep his patience with loved ones.
From that point onwards, he was confident that the message of The Book needs to be highlighted and delivered to Mankind. He created a platform IIPC.

While Muhammad Shaikh was busy in his research on Quran an opportunity presented itself. Sheikh Ahmad Deedat a renowned Comparative religion scholar on Bible invited him to visit him in South Africa, Durban. Muhammad Shaikh already had a firm understanding on The Quran decided to avail this chance and learn The Bible to compare and differentiate between the two books. He spent three months in South Africa.

Muhammad Shaikh was back in Pakistan and it was time to take this one step further. He decided to speak publically and in 1991 he delivered his first lecture in a small gathering on the topic of “What Al-Quran says about Al-Quran”. The response was surprising and soon another lecture followed on “What Al-Quran says about Islam & Muslim”?
People began to get inspired by Br. Muhammad Shaikh, his dedication to serve Allah. They supported his cause in 1992 by organizing his first public lecture in an auditorium called Finance and Trade Center in Karachi, Pakistan on “What Al-Quran says about Muhammad (PBUH)”?
From 1992 to 1996 He delivered five more lectures on the following topics, “What Al-Quran says about, Al-Kitab, Qiblah, Essa (PBUH), Vision of Ibrahim (PBUH) and Shaitan? At the same venue.
The propagation of Quranic Ayats had begun and more and more people came to listen to his talks. So many that he had to go to a bigger auditorium. Hence the lectures were held at Bahria Auditorium, Karachi, Pakistan. Here two more lectures were held on “What Al-Quran says about, Book of Moosa (PBUH) and Children of Israeel” from 1996 to 1997.

With support comes confrontation and the time had come to face criticism and threats. The Auditorium was no longer available to him anymore. A minor set back in Muhammad Shaikh’s continuous broad vision.  The work for Allah does not stop.
It motivated him even more and with Allah’s help and with a support of a few people he built his own auditorium.
From 1998 to 2014 Muhammad Shaikh delivered forty-seven more lectures on different topics from The-Quran on his own premises.

In 2004 the same criticism and threats lead an attack on his life. Muhammad Shaikh was shot in his face damaging his lips and lower eight teeth. Miraculously he survived by the will of Allah (God), as he knew after the event that his purpose has not yet been fulfilled. These petty attempts and countless life threats only made him stronger and even more focused on his vision.
He took the message to the world with the modern age tools.
The Internet became his primary tool for propagation. He established two Internet TV channels, in English and Urdu separately. They broadcast religious shows, lectures and discussions 24/7 around the globe. Along with the channels he took social media by storm.

In 2010 Muhammad Shaikh was ranked 4th in an online poll by Reuters to be the most influential Muslim of the world. A book published in 2011 and 2012, called “The 500 Most Influential Muslims of the World” acknowledged Muhammad Shaikh in the preacher category as the only runner-up after the first 50.

In-line with his vision and duty to propagate the message of Allah/God he traveled to Australia, United States, Canada and Dubai to meet people on different platforms and spread the message of Allah. His journey is far from finish. Muhammad Shaikh has a vision and dream to propagate the message of Allah to all mankind with His will. This vision and dream is only getting stronger and stronger.

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