A lecture of great importance, one which tackles the issue of Hadees (Events) from the Quranic perspective, as it is a factor that plays an important part in the Muslim belief. This lecture describes two kinds of Events (dealing with messengers, other events in the past, present and future, etc), account of one which is given by man, and the other which is the account of events according to God. At the end of the lecture the viewers will be faced with the obvious and undeniable truth about what are the Hadees / Events we as Muslims are suppose to believe in.


Frequently asked questions


Is it correct that the Quran is Qaul saying of Allah and #Hadith is Qaul saying of messenger?


Do we need Ahadith to understand The Quran or does The Quran validates Ahadith?


O People of Hadith! Have you pondered that recognition of Allahs messenger is by Ahadith or Quran?


In Quran, Is God not the author of the most beautiful hadiths of the prophets?


Did not Allah describe the behavior of the people of Hadith?


Are books of hadith authentic according to The Quran?


Does the Quran speaks of any sort of Wahi / inspiration other than The Quran?


What the messenger gives you, take it, and what he forbids you, so forbid

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