Opposition from Extremists and Assassination Attempt

AssassinationIt is evident from the debates held at the end of his talks that most criticism to Mohammad Shaikh is from traditional and conservative elements, who find his presentations to go against their narrow interpretations.

This opposition reached a climax and brought another testing time in the spring of 2005. An armed intruder broke into the IIPC building in Karachi and fired gunshots at Mohammad Shaikh from a very close range. Luckily the assassin’s bullets did not prove fatal, and the brother was immediately rushed to hospital and under went life-saving surgery. Following the assassination attempt Mohammad Shaikh recuperated for a few months and later in the same year after recovering, performed the Hajj along with his family. Even to this day visitors to his programs can witness that he has not been deterred by threats and opposition and still continues to lecture audiences in Karachi as well as global audiences through the internet.

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