Qisaas / Requital

Qisaas – Requital

Allah / The God describes HIS rules / laws (that cannot be broken) and provides the Dos and Donts in the Quran for mankind’s guidance. Within these rules / laws include laws of Qisaas / Requital / Compensation where God describes how HE deals with people who go against the dos and donts of the Quran and psychologically and physically wrong others, and what believers who are wronged should do to help themselves in these situations. This lecture also highlights the fact that all the Rules / Laws and the Dos and Donts mentioned in the Quran together is called the At-Taurah / The Law containing the Governance of Allah. Furthermore, it also highlights that in contradiction to the At-Taurah / The Law of the Quran “an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth and life for a life” (which sounds very similar BUT NOT SAME AS to what is written in the Taurah of the Quran) is actually a man written rule/instruction that can be found in the Old testament or TORAH of the Bible and which is followed by the Jews & Christians around the world as justification to do wrong to people who wrong them. This lecture not only provides what is written in the Taurah of The Quran in matters of Qisaas / Compensation / Requital for all the wrongs up to murder of another human being but also shows in contrast what it says in the Bible Old and New Testament, which is the source of the justification for the psychology of vengeance causing all the bloodshed we see in the world today.


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