Religion of Abraham

Religion of Abraham

Very few people are aware that the Muslims follow the Millat / Religion / Way of Life of Ibrahim / Abraham (pbuh) who is also the father (spiritually) of all Muslims according to the Quran. The Arabic word “Deen” is mistakenly translated as “religion” but which actually means “Judgment”. Deen / Judgment is to attain Peace / Islam in life in the sight of God, while Millat / Religion of Ibrahim is the how all Muslims are suppose to behave in life for this purpose. This lecture points out not only the attributes of Ibraheem (pbuh) whose religion we follow but also what his practices were which all Muslims have to follow.


Frequently asked questions


O Muslims! Did Mohammad S A W not follow the religion of Imam Abu Hanifa?


O Muslims! Is not Imam Abu Hanifa and his family Ahl e Bait


Did not Kaaba exsit before Ibraheem pbuh along with established Salah and Tawaf?


During Hajj hearts of the believers are inclined towards gaining nearness of Allah


Besides Muslims, don’t Jews & Christians, call from Abraham to Jesus as biblical Jewish prophets?


Religion of Abraham

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