Torah and Gospel

Torah and Gospel

A lecture that should be watched in conjunction with the lecture on Al-Kitab / The Book, this lecture answers some of the basic questions about the status of At-Taurah & Al-Injeel (mentioned in Al-Kitab / The Book). At-Taurah & Al-Injeel are commonly misrepresented and misidentified as those books which were given to Jews & Christians but which were corrupted through time. In reality this could not be further from the Truth and this lecture presents the truth about At-Taurah & Al-Injeel, and also about its recipients.


Frequently asked questions


Is not Torah the mother of The Book Quran?


What is Injeel & Who are the people of Injeel?


Is not Torah & Injeel mentioned with the name of Muhammad pbuh?


Was not Torah & Gospel revealed long before Moses & after Abraham?


Do not the Muslims have to establish the Torah & Gospel of the Book?


Is not the heaven promised by Allah in Torah, Gospel & Quran for the believers?


Is bible word of Allah / God?


How and where Allah preserved the Quran?

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