Imam / Leader

Imam – Leader

Human beings are always seeking someone (as a leader) to provide guidance and lead them in their lives, or they want to get that status to lead others. The word “Imam” in the Muslim community is commonly understood as someone who leads the prayer, but it has a more inclusive meaning in the Quran. Generally in the Quran, “Imam” is referred to anyone who is a leader and a guide to various categories of people (who are also mentioned in the Quran and highlighted in this lecture). It will point out who are the Imams/Leaders that are righteous and leading people in the ways of Allah, how an Imam / Leader is made and also how there are Imams / Leaders among the Mushriks / Idolators and Kuffars / Rejectors. Most Muslims don’t know that Imam is also used with Pharaoh and enemies of God, who are guiding and leading people towards darkness. This lecture will help the viewer understand and find out how do we identify who are the Imams / Leaders for Allah.


Imam - Leader

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