Khalifa / Successor

Khalifa – Successor

Khalifa means Successors which have continued in all times, but we are told that there were only four (4) Khalifas / Successors in history and Khilafat / Succession stopped after that. However The Quran reveals differently from what is taught in history. This lecture explains from the Quran that Khilafat / Succession continues in all times and is passed down to among those who inherit the Book, who are establishing the Salah / Prayer, holding fast to the Book (and its lessons) and teaching others and giving lessons from The Book. Anyone who does this is appointed by Allah as a Khalifa / Successor, and it is only Allah who can appoint Khalifas / Successors, and they are identified through the Quranic ayats / verses and through their character and practices. Others in the world who are claiming to be Khalifas / Successors can be easily identified through the verses if they are true or false, and in light of the Quranic verses self-proclaimed Khalifa / Successors are not from Allah. A lecture that is a must see for those who want to know how to become a Khalifa / Successor in Allah’s sight.



  • Ayahs discussed: 2:30 – 34, 35:1, 2:102: 3:45, 39:75, 70:4, 41:30, 4:97, 11:69-83, 66:6, 18:50, 6:165, 43:60
  • Meaning and understanding of the word Khalifa
  • Khalifa is not angel.
  • Discussed the understanding of the names Allah taught Adam.
  • Names / Nature of Angels.
  • Do angels have free will?
  • What were the angels trying to hide from Allah?
  • Allah made mankind khalifa on the earth.
  • Ayahs discussed: 10:71, 71:7-9, 10:73, 7:65, 7:69, 7:74 – 75, 7:127 – 129, 38:26
  • The believers were saved on a ship with Nooh P.B.U.H.
  • The believers on the ship were made Khalif / successors.
  • People of Hood P.B.U.H. were made Khalifa / successor after the people of Nooh P.B.U.H.
  • Salih’s P.B.U.H. people were also made the khalifa / successor.
  • Moosa P.B.U.H. and his followers are made khalifa / successor.
  • Allah made Dawood P.B.U.H. khalifa / successor.
  • All the messengers are khailf / successors.
  • After Moosa P.B.U.H. came Dawood P.B.U.H. according to Al – Quran.
  • All the messengers and the prophets are made khalifa / successor by Allah.
  • Succession is always with the righteous people.
  • Ayahs discussed: 19:58, 53:43, 97:1-5, 7:170, 7:169, 13:28, 19:59 & 60, 113:1 – 4, 6:113
  • Allah has blessed the prophets, all the prophets are khalifas / successors.
  • The blessing is also on the children of Adam, the children of Adam who Allah blessed are also made khalifa / successor.
  • Also the ones who Allah carried with Nooh P.B.U.H. are also blessed, thus they were also khalifa / successor.
  • The offspring of Ibraheem P.B.U.H. are also blessed.
  • The ones Allah blessed are the ones who fall down in prostration weeping whenever the signs / ayahs of Allah are recited over them.
  • Allah will not waste the reward of those who hold fast to the book of Allah, establish salah / prayers and they correct themselves in the nearness of Allah.
  • The inheritors of the book of Allah got involved in the width of this earth or the worldly life.
  • The hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah.
  • Khalifat / succession is given to believers of all times.
  • Some Khalifa / successors wasted their salah / prayers, they follow their desires.
  • We have to believe Allah’s ayahs / signs and correct yourselves.
  • If we don’t follow and keep wasting your salah / prayers Allah will take the khilafat away from us.
  • If we deviate the khilafat is taken away from us, it an ongoing process for all times.
  • Ayahs discussed: 10:13, 27:62, 24:55, 27:59, 2:124, 2:33, 10:14, 35:39
  • Messengers came with clarifications if we don’t follow the message we too will be perished like the centuries before us.
  • Those who correct themselves, hold fast to the book of Allah and not waste salah / prayers are promised khilafat from Allah. Just like He made Khalifas / Successors before us, this process is happening in all times.
  • Once we start amending ourselves we will gain peace and security.
  • Ibraheem P.B.U.H. was tried by Allah’s words and he fulfilled those, then he was made an Imam / Leader.
  • We too are getting the message of Allah through His words, so like Ibraheem P.B.U.H. we too have to fulfill them in order to get the succession.
  • Ayahs discussed: 2:141, 7:170, 6:116, 36:60 – 62, 2:31, 7:23
  • Khalifas / successors are made by Allah in all times.
  • The khalifas mentioned in the history were four and if we believe those were the only khalifas made by Allah then we are putting a stop to the process of succession.
  • Allah will not question us about the people (others) but we will answer for ourselves.
  • Some Khalifa / successors wasted their salah / prayers, they follow their desires
  • The ones who are not giving lessons from the book of Allah are not the khalifas / successors.
  • We can identify khalifas / successors by the ayahs of the Allah even in current times.
  • The majority of the people on earth will mislead us from the path of Allah, so democracy is not a way of appoint a khalifa / successor. Allah appoints khalifas Himself and He is doing this in all times.
  • Shaitan misleads the majority of the people.
  • Ayahs discussed: 18:50, 2:34, 38:75 – 76, 55:15, 15:27, 18:51, 35:1
  • Allah always asked the angels to bow, all bowed down except Ibless
  • Ibless became from the rejecters
  • Creation of Jinns / Shielded discussed based on Quranic ayahs / signs.
  • He rejected and became of the jins / shielded ones.
  • Ayahs discussed: 17:110, 55:1 – 3, 22:78, 2:30, 2:200, 15:9, 2:128, 20:14
  • Allah is defined by His attributes.
  • Brief discussion on the attributes of Allah.
  • Remember Allah as you remember your ancestor or even more strongly.
  • Salah / prayers is for Allah’s remembrance.
  • Ayahs discussed: 69:38 – 39
  • This is the saying of the honorable messenger.
  • We should keep working on understating the Quran.
  • We can ask the Imam where he recited from (which part of the Quran).


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